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Thank you very much for purchasing the Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 dedicated software "VR KANOJO" this time.
Please read "Manual" carefully before using and enjoy it correctly.

· About save
This product is auto save. * Once you see the scene, it will be registered automatically in "Scene Select".

· Basic operation
Until "Title screen" is displayed, use the following Windows basic operation.

· Left click : Please press the left mouse button.

In this manual there is an expression "Please choose ~." If there is a description of this, move the mouse cursor to "~" part and click the left mouse button.
(For example, if you select "Please select a decision button", please move the mouse cursor to "decision button" and click the left button of the mouse.)

* Please look at "<
a href="#gameScene">Basic in-game operation" from "Title screen".

· About notation
"OculusTouch" "Vive Controller" "MR Motion Controller" is sometimes written as "VR controller" as a whole.

Terms of service

Please read before playing "VR KANOJO". When using the product, it is deemed to have agreed to this agreement.
! Disclaimer !
· We are not responsible for any troubles, losses or damage caused by using this product.
Back up the data and programs in the hard disk, please strive for sensible behavior.

· This work is all fiction.
The persons appearing in the work, group name, place name, product name, incident, era background, occupation are all fictitious and are not related to actual ones at all.
In addition, this game is forbidden to purchase and play for those under the age of 18 due to the contents of the work and direction.
All the characters are over 18 years old.

! Prohibited matter !
· The act of duplicating or remodeling part or all of this program, data and manual without permission is prohibited by law.
Also, we do not allow any file sharing or uploading on the Internet, rental work, handling of second-hand goods, or similar acts.

· Secondary use such as video distribution, screenshots etc. is prohibited.

· This work includes extreme expressions such as violent, cruel scenes, acts committing crimes, etc. Please do not imitate absolutely.
Behavior within works is acting on consent and fiction. Actually doing the same thing as the content of this work may be punished by law.

! Warning !
· Avoid long-term continuous play or playing when you are tired because of health problems.
    If you experienced a temporary muscle cramps or loss of consciousness when you receive a strong stimulus, please consult with your doctor before starting the game.

If you feel sick during play, please stop the game immediately and get a doctor's diagnosis.

· If the "operating environment" is not satisfied, it may cause load to the equipment and cause malfunction. be careful.

* Each product name is generally a registered trademark or a trademark of each company, but C and TM are omitted.

Minimum System requirements.

Installation method


Please delete "ILLUSION VR KANOJO" from "Uninstall program" of "Control panel".
Some images such as shot images and save data may be left even if deleting the game. If you want to completely delete, please delete the remaining files manually though it is sorry to trouble you.


Initial setting

When you start "VR KANOJO" on the desktop, "Initial setting" is displayed.

User folder

When you open "VR KANOJO" installation location, there is a [UserData] folder. Various saved data is in this folder.
* The standard installation location is C: \ illusion \ VRkanojo .

Basic in-game operation

* When not using VR controller, please set "Basic setting" → "Use a VR controller" in " Config " to "Off".

Title screen

* If the screen is not centered, you can initialize it with the "R" key on the keyboard or the "Reset" button on the controller.

Change clothes

If you select "Sneaking In" in " Title screen ", you will be transferred to the screen for changing clothes.


If you are playing the game you will get a stuck mode. * The operation guide can be switched between "Guide Display Settings " in " Config ".

H mode

· How to:Kiss

· How to : Caress * The operation guide can be switched between "Guide Display Settings " in " Config ".

· How To: Insert, Service * The operation guide can be switched between "Guide Display Settings " in " Config ".


You can adjust the operation settings in the game, display and volume adjustment. * Some items will not appear unless some games are progressed.


  • If the game does not start, trouble such as not working normally according to the manual occurs, please try the coping method according to the symptoms.。

    · Symptom 1: Error during installation
    Please install it with the resident program such as antivirus software stopped.
    Depending on the software that resides, it may not be able to install normally. Please also stop functions such as Windows Active Desktop.

    * Please start up "Startup.exe" by right click → run as administrator.

  • · Symptom 2: Game does not start, suddenly stopped, behavior is wrong, etc.
    When the game does not operate properly, mostly it does not satisfy the operating environment.
    First of all, please confirm whether your computer meets the operating environment of the game.
    * Initial setting When you start up "System Information", the performance of your computer is displayed. The operating environment of the game here is stated.

    * Please follow the operation under your own responsibility.
    We will support as much as we can, but we are not responsible for accidents in introducing device drivers etc. We do not take any responsibility.
    If you are concerned about installing the driver and various operations, please consult your computer manufacturer.

    (1) Update the graphics card driver.
    There are cases where the version of the graphics card driver is old when there are abnormalities in operation when it meets the operating environment.
    For updating the graphics card driver please contact your computer manufacturer or your graphic card manufacturer.

    (2) Stop of resident program
    When resident programs such as antivirus software are running, it may not work properly, so please stop antivirus software etc. once the game starts.
    Please refer to the manual of the resident software about the method of stopping the resident program.

    (3) Update various drivers
    It may be caused by a motherboard or sound card.
    Update each device driver to the latest version.
    * For details, please contact your computer maker, or the distributor of each hardware.

    (4) Reinstall Windows
    There are cases where Windows is unstable. If you format the HDD after backing up and insert Windows again, it may return to normal.
    * Please be careful with backup carefully. Please note that our company can not assume the responsibility when important data is lost.
    * For details, please contact your personal computer maker, or Microsoft.

  • · Symptom 3: Config and other settings are not saved
    There is a possibility that various data will not be saved unless the administrator authority is set.
    Please follow the steps below to set administrator privileges.

    (1) Right click on the shortcut of "VR canojo" on the desktop and select "Properties".

    (2) Select "Compatibility" from the property screen and check "Execute this program as administrator".

    (3) Please select "apply" → "OK" to try the action of the game.

  • · For symptoms other than 1 to 3
    Although most troubles are solved by the above method, please contact us by e-mail to "online support" if you have any questions.
    At that time, it seems whether you can respond smoothly if you can send system info information, or send it with a note.